Donations and Volunteers Needed for Fairfield Building Project

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In December 2010 Solano Napa Habitat qualified Jean Hamilton as a future Habitat homeowner. Jean, a Fairfield resident since 1958, 30-year educator, veteran, widow and sole provider for three beautiful grandchildren, Melanie (14), Bobby (13), and Courtney (11) need a home.

Your donation will help provide a home for Jean and her grandchildren!

Jean and her grandchildren currently reside in a tiny but tidy two-bedroom apartment in downtown Fairfield as they await construction to begin on their new Habitat house.  Within their cramped quarters the love and bond shared between Jean and the children is strong. Family photos, daily schedule reminders and verses of scripture posted on just about every wall are a testament to Jean’s courageous efforts to provide much needed stability for three kids as they navigate their years of adolescence.

As a graduate from Armijo High School in 1968, Jean followed in the footsteps of her Air Force father and served in the Army overseas.  She has worked as an educator for over 30 years and is drawn to working with children with special needs. She enjoys the challenges and celebrating the milestones of children that other institutions may have given up on. In a time when most are preparing for retirement years, Jean is going stronger than ever.

Between her part time job as a substitute teacher, serving as a regular volunteer for SNHFH and juggling after school programs, Boy Scouts and youth group activities Jean has little time to spare. Her inner strength, which she attributes to her unyielding faith, gives her the courage and energy to face the day-to-day challenges of providing a grounded and loving home-life for her grandkids.  A long time member of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church in Fairfield, Jean also attends two other local churches in order for the kids to have regular visits with their parents.

Jean is a prolific writer and has published two books. She is a gifted poet with a flair for capturing the moment at hand. Her grandchildren, with great pride, love to show off “grandmas” talent and are thrilled to point out each of their names in her 2000 published children’s book, Look, Look…an Alphabet Book. Despite her hectic schedule Jean still finds time to develop new children’s stories and jot down lines of poetic verse in rare but precious of moments of peace and solitude.

With your help we can build a home for Jean and her grandchildren in 2012. !

Jean’s deep commitment to her family and talent for bringing such love and comfort to so many of those close to her is inspirational. Providing Jean and her grandkids a home in 2012 is a top priority for SNHFH.

Your donation to support our efforts helps keep Jean and her family together and rooted in their community.

For more information about how you can help Jean and her grandchildren please call 707-422-1948.


Thank you for supporting Solano Napa Habitat for Humanity.

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