• Must have a need for better housing:  Homeowners chosen for a Habitat house must live in inadequate, overcrowded, unsafe and overly expensive housing.
  • Must have the ability to pay an affordable mortgage: Habitat Homebuyers must maintain an income sufficient to repay an affordable mortgage and have good credit history. The maximum income is dependent on family size and will generally be in accordance with “low income”  determinations made by HUD (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) and the State of California. Following HUD guidelines, monthly expenditure for housing, including the principal payment, homeowner’s insurance, and property taxes must not exceed 30% of a family’s gross monthly income.

Willingness to Partner

  • Attending and completing Homeowner Classes in money management, home ownership and home maintenance.
  • Performing a maximum of 500 hours of “Sweat Equity” per household by working on construction of their houses, or otherwise helping to further Habitat’s mission.
  • Paying a minimal down payment and all escrow closing costs.

Homeowners are selected based on the severity of their present housing conditions, their willingness to partner with Habitat, and their ability to repay the cost of a Habitat home. Partner homeowners also receive counseling and training on homeownership and maintenance. Homeowners buy their completed homes from Habitat for Humanity at cost and repay them over 30 years through an affordable mortgage. Monthly payments are manageable  and often Habitat homeowners pay less for their new home than they did for their previous substandard housing. These payments go into the Fund for Humanity that is used to help fund additional Habitat Homes.  A homeowner partnership with Habitat does not end once the home is completed. Future involvement can continue through committee work, board membership, and other means.

Selections are made in compliance with the Federal Credit Equal Opportunity Act and on an impartial and non-discriminatory basis. Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition, veteran status, sexual orientation, AIDS, AIDS-Related Condition (ARC), mental disability or any other arbitrary basis. The family selection process is fair and unbiased.

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