We Broke Ground in Fairfield!

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On Wednesday, August 24th, we gathered for a Groundbreaking Ceremony in preparation for our 3-home build on Woolner Avenue in Fairfield. It was a wonderful celebration, and we are grateful to all the city and county officials, elected representatives, community partners, project sponsors, and Habitat board and staff members who were able to attend and take part in the ceremony.

After 5+ years of planning and assessment on the unique, triangular-shaped lot which presented some challenges, we are eager to move forward with this exciting project. The land itself has been vacant for decades, and will soon provide housing for three deserving families. We are currently in the family-selection process for all three homes, and we expect to have chosen partner families by the end of this month. The homes will have three bedrooms, two baths, a one-car garage and 1,289 square feet of living space. Partner families will contribute sweat equity for the construction of their future home, and pay an affordable mortgage.

“As everybody is hammering in a nail, what they are producing is a place for a family,” said Solano County Supervisor Monica Brown. “I get really emotional about this because I was thinking, all of us who were able to buy a home, I think about Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Easter egg hunts and all those things that you do as a family. The three families here I bet will be the beginning of a community.”

Fundraising for the Woolner homes is currently underway, and donations can be made online and designated for this project. Community members and corporations can also sign up for volunteer opportunities or team builds, and can help play a significant role in helping three local families have stability and shelter.

Stay tuned for more information on the partner family selection announcement, and thank you for supporting three future Habitat homes in our community!

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