Thank you…Yes, You!  Please fill out the form below and click send.  We will call you to schedule your orientation and welcome you to our team.
Orientation and Ongoing Training
You’ll attend an orientation that explains what you’ll be doing and how to do it safely.  We’ll be training you on an ongoing basis to make sure you feel supported.
What Do Volunteers Do?
  • Customer Evangelizers – We’re talking to YOU!  Help stock shelves, work the register, display merchandise and evangelize the ReStore by telling customers what it’s all about.
  • Donation Ambassadors – We’re talking to YOU!  Help our donation crew gather great stuff from donors – on the truck or at the store.  Help us clean, fix and prepare donations for the store.
Special Cases
  • Court-Ordered Community Service – Speak with a store manager
  • Rehabilitation and Work Training Programs – Speak with a store manager
  • Deconstruction – Speak with a store manager about helping us lift and load special projects

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    What are the next steps?

    1.  Submit this request form.

    2.  We’ll contact you to schedule an orientation – Regularly scheduled for 4th Saturday each month at 10am.  We’ll confirm the current date and time with you.

    3.  To get a head start on your paperwork, you can print and fill out the  attached paperwork in advance and bring it with you to your orientation.



    4.  Attend the orientation.

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