Donate new and gently-used home improvement items to ReStore to help support the mission of building decent affordable homes in Solano and Napa Counties. We seek donations from individuals, retailers, businesses, groups, manufacturers, contractors & remodelers.
We Accept
Appliances: in good in working conditions and less than 10 years old, neutral colors. The donor will be held responsible for disposal if the appliance does not work.  For dishwashers see note*
Cabinets/Countertops: Cabinets: must have all doors and drawers and outer facings must be in good condition. Countertops must be in good condition with minimal chips or damage.
Doors: Undamaged, please include all parts available (frame, knob, etc) and remove nails. Glass doors must be insulated.
Fireplaces: Only gas burners, less than 5 years old.
Flooring Materials:
Ceramic tile. Undamaged
New sheet vinyl flooring in usable lengths. Rolled and taped
Vinyl tile. Undamaged
Wood flooring. Must be free from rot and in usable quantities (50 sq.ft. or more)
Furniture: We accept any hard goods, upholstered furniture must be free of stains, tears and excessive wear.
Hardware: For doors, cabinets, miscellaneous hinges, knobs, electrical outlets, switches in use-able, working condition, free from rust.
Insulation: New only.
Light Fixtures, Lamps, Ceiling Fans: Good to excellent condition. Complete fixtures in working order, all parts included and put in a box. Fans must have blades removed and taped to motor with mounting hardware.
Paint/wall coverings: Latex 1 gal/5 gal only, new, full, unopened. Neutral colors preferred. Full, new, unopened rolls of wall coverings
Plumbing Fixtures and Hardware:
Sinks, all types, no rust or cracks. Drop-in preferred. Stainless or porcelain. Porcelain must be in good condition without chips or permanent stains. White and almond colors preferred.
Bathtubs. New or used in clean, non-stained or chipped condition. Clawfoot bathtubs accepted. Fiberglass bathtubs/stalls with small cracks or holes accepted.
Toilets – only 1.6 gallon flush commodes accepted. White and almond colors preferred. All must be clean and in good working condition.
Plumbing hardware Pipe- Copper only.
Tile and Grout: Must be in good condition, no chips or stains.
Tools: Hand or power tools in any working condition, will sell as is.
Water Heaters: Less than 5 years old.*
Vents (floor, ceiling, return): Clean and in good condition.
Windows/Screens: Vinyl and wood only – all styles considered. All windows must be inspected before acceptance. Must be in good condition, glass intact. Wooden windows must be free from rot, all nails removed. Must be in complete units.
*NOTE:  Due to the 2014 lead-free water act, we only accept faucets, dishwashers and water heaters less than 4 or 5 years old.  Items must have a “lead-free certification mark” which is found on the item or packaging.
We Don't Accept
Since the enactment  of the 2014 lead free water act, we only accept items no older than four years in the following categories:
Kitchen faucets
Bathroom sink faucets
Water heaters
Pipes and pipe fittings leading to theses faucets/appliances
How do you know if you’re item is “lead-free” – Check the item for a lead-free certification mark found on the product or the packaging.
Appliances (e.g. refrigerators, ovens, stoves) that do not fully work
Broken or unframed glass
Broken or unframed mirrors
Paint that has been opened or partially used
Paint thinner or other hazardous or toxic chemicals
Pesticides (liquid or powder)
Window treatments
Anything that is damaged, dirty, outdated, odd-colored or generally not able to resell.

Why donate to ReStore?

  • Help provide the local community with resources to keep the costs of home improvement down.
  • Support the construction of decent, affordable homes for low-income families.
  • Receive a tax-deduction for the value of your donations!
  • Reduce the flow of highly resellable and reusable materials going to local landfills.

If you need to dispose of or recycle items that we don’t accept we encourage you to choose alternative charity organizations or the appropriate recycling center. Click on the names below to see what they accept.

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