A Safe Home for the Holidays

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After the devastating earthquake hit Napa in 2014, Kim’s home was in desperate need of repair. In addition to the earthquake damage, her new illness made it nearly impossible for her to navigate in her own home. Kim heard about Solano-Napa Habitat‘s repair projects, and inquired to see if she could apply for help. Through a combination of funding including an earthquake repair grant, a low-income rehab loan from the City of Napa, a loan from Habitat, and a donation from the Holly Cranston Memorial Fund, Kim was able to secure the funding needed to repair her home and make it safe and livable.
“I had all these pieces and parts (donations and grants), but Habitat really helped me combine everything and completed the work that needed to be done,” said Kim. ” I am amazed at how much they were able to accomplish within the funds available.”
The repairs began in September 2016 and were completed by November of 2016, just in time for the holidays. The Habitat team gutted the majority of the home and made ADA accessibility upgrades to allow Kim to live a safe and independent life in her own home. The team installed new plumbing, new heating and AC, laminate floors, made electric upgrades, and widened the hallways so Kim can navigate her home and turn around safely in her wheelchair. The team also installed roll-under sinks, a roll-in shower, pocket doors, and revamped her steep driveway into a flat U-shape so she can drive up and access her home safely without needing to wait for neighbors to help. See below for after photos of Kim’s widened hallway and driveway.
“Now I can actually have my Christmas tree up and get around it (pictured above). The way the home was set up before, when I put up holiday decor I couldn’t even get out of my front door,” said Kim. “During the holidays it’s also especially beneficial to be able to access my kitchen and have a roll-under sink and cooktop. This repair project really changed everything, and I am forever grateful.”
We are excited to announce that this month Kim made her final loan payment to Habitat for this extensive repair project. We celebrate this milestone with you Kim, and we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas in your beautiful home!
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