In-Kind Sponsorships

In-kind donations are critical to the work of our organization.  It reduces our costs so we can focus on building affordable housing.  We work with businesses, groups and individuals to find mutually beneficial ways they can help with house sponsorships.  Some ideas for material donations or professional services are listed below.


New Construction Materials

Donated construction materials allow us to stretch limited resources.  Those materials are viewed on par with a cash donation.  We can use most new construction items such as lumber, nails, plumbing, electrical, lighting, carpeting and appliances.  These are equated to our Sponsorship Levels and come with the same recognition benefits.

Pro Bono Professional Services

Donated professional services such as legal, computer, marketing, fundraising, engineering, photography, architectural and construction are invaluable.   We are always looking for partners with these types of expertise and place a high value on them.


ReStore serves as a retail outlet where quality new and used building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices.  It helps the environment by channeling good, usable materials that often end up in landfills.  Proceeds from ReStore help fund SNHFH homes.  Find out more.

Office Supplies and Support Services

We appreciate any donation of offices supplies and support services to keep our building sites running smoothly.  Some of our needs include copy machine paper, file folders, manila folders, binders, dividers, labels, tape, mail center supplies, printing, advertising and graphic design services.

For more information, contact us at 707-422-1948.

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