Eric Sprague

Work is now complete on our Pine Street project in Napa, to assist Eric Sprague, a Vietnam Veteran referred to us by CAN-B, Community Action North Bay.

Eric suffers from war-related injuries, and the long-term effects have made it difficult for him to continue working and have resulted in chronic health issues.  In addition, he has undergone both back and brain surgeries.

A retired electrician, Eric lives on his pension and is physically and financially unable to address the substantial repairs his home needs, exacerbated by the August 2014 earthquake.  To ensure that his home is safe and sanitary and free of any code violations, repairs were made to the home’s sewer lines and a new roof and gutters were installed.  With generous funding from a Napa County Community Development Block Grant, Wells Fargo Bank, NORBAR and First American Title Company of Napa, teams also painted and weatherized the home’s exterior, installed new weather-efficient windows and doors, remodeled the kitchen with new cabinets, flooring and appliances, and did general yard and landscape clean-up.

Project Complete!


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