It’s Tax Season – Here’s How You Can Help!

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It’s tax season and we can’t help but feel hopeful. Why? With as a little as $1, California tax filers – you, your friends, and your family – have the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to the Habitat for Humanity Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund on your 2018 California tax return and maximize our efforts to help children, families and veterans have a decent

Imagine how many homes we could build if every California tax filer donated just $1 from his or her return! And as a dedicated volunteer, Habitat for Humanity homeowner or supporter, you’ve seen the difference a stable home makes in the lives of Solano County families.

Here’s how you can help build homes and hope with your state tax return today:

1. Share a portion of your tax return.

The Habitat for Humanity Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund is line 437 on the California Resident Income Tax Return Form 540. Detailed steps on how to contribute – whether you file taxes on your own or receive assistance from a tax preparer – as well a donation reminder form can be found at www.habitatca.org/taxfund.

2. Tell friends and family members they can help build homes too.

Share www.habitatca.org/taxfund on Facebook, Twitter and by email, encouraging friends to
become virtual builders today with their tax returns. Together, we can build homes, just as we did last year thanks to the funds we received through tax return donations.

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