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Congratulations to Renee Snow for being named our Office Volunteer of the Year! Renee has been volunteering for SNHfH for 8 years after retiring from her career as a full-time accountant. We recently sat down for an interview and wanted to learn why she became involved with the organization. Renee has her hands in a variety of volunteer projects with us and we are so grateful for her generosity of time and talents. Read our complete interview with Renee below and be inspired by the multitude of ways you can get involved with SNHfH.

How did you become involved with SNHfH?

“Around 8 years ago I heard about a Women’s Build Day and that you were looking for women to come and work on the houses. At that time SNHfH was building 2 houses on Acacia and Clay in Fairfield. I went out and worked on the jobsite alongside some amazing women, and from that moment I was hooked. After that I was building at the jobsite on both houses. I really enjoyed being out on the jobsite with the construction crew and volunteers. Later on I volunteered at a house in Vallejo on Tregaskis Avenue, helped as a site host, and also began helping out at the ReStore.”

What are your current Volunteer positions with SNHfH?

“Right now I work at the ReStore on Wednesday and the administration office at Fridays. When I am at the ReStore I greet customers and I am a customer support person. I like working at the ReStore because the people who work there are a lively bunch and the environment is friendly and supportive. I have a lot of fun when I work there. On Fridays I work at the SNHfH administration office. When I am there I work on reports, filing and organizing. I enjoy volunteering at the office because the job duties vary and the office staff members are a joy to be around. I also volunteer as a site host on the Dixon Veterans Project, and help as a site host by checking-in volunteers and making sure everyone has safety equipment.”

What do you want to do in the future?

“I would like to continue volunteering for SNHfH. I also volunteer for other organizations and it keeps me busy. Faith in Action is an organization that provides services for the elderly. I work with seniors and help them around their homes or take them to appointment. I also volunteer at the Salvation Army and help fill grocery bags for people in need.”

Why is volunteering important to you?

“It brings me joy to help others. I like to see that what I do makes a difference in others lives.”

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