Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity ReStore has implemented a color coded pricing system for most of it’s home improvement items.

When donated items come in we price them at 50-90% off retail.  Color coded price tags are used so that each month the item remains in inventory an additional 20% discount is applied to the price (up to an additional 60% off the original low price).

Our shoppers benefit from additional discounting off our already low prices.  ReStore benefits by turning over our inventory more quickly to make space for great, new donations.

When you enter our store you’ll see signs indicating the current color tags and associated discount levels. Each month the colors rotate to indicate discount changes.


For example in the image above new items priced this month are marked with yellow price tags. Sometime next month the yellow tagged items will be discounted an additional 20%.

See us in the store for details on exceptions to the color coded pricing for some bulk and specialty items.

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