JOIN OUR KEY TEAM – Key volunteers boost the growth of ReStore

ReStore’s key team volunteers work in the store, donation center, off site and in the community. While typical volunteers perform basic tasks such as pricing and accepting donations, key team volunteers require special skills and attributes. This makes them highly sought after, difficult to recruit and necessary to retain.

When you become a key team volunteer, we promise to make your experience fun, rewarding and to make you feel appreciated.

Key Team Volunteer Opportunities

Business Outreach

Business Outreach: You’ll be contacting retail businesses, manufacturers, distributors, logistical companies and others to solicit material donations for the ReStore. You’ll be working alongside our store manager to solicit donations.

Monthly meetings and on-site or off-site calling will be used to make contact and create business relationships.  You’ll be using Salesforce to call on leads and record progress (no previous experience necessary).  The time commitment is flexible and can be built around your availability.


Cashier: If you like dealing with the public and have a mind for math, you might be a perfect cashier volunteer.

Volunteers ring up customer purchases on our POS register and help evangelize shopping, donating and volunteering at ReStore. You need to be comfortable with using a register and like dealing with the public for four hours at a time.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach: Do you enjoy meeting people and evangelizing the benefits of Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore? Volunteers will contact community groups, businesses etc. and offer to do presentations using powerpoint and a projector.

You’ll work with the store manager to identify key targets and perform follow up. Volunteers may also be asked to attend tradeshows/events and man the booth. You need to like interacting with groups and asking them to learn more about ReStore.


Deconstruction: If you like getting your hands dirty, working with our Deconstruction crews might be a perfect fit.

Volunteers gently remove kitchen cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, windows, doors and more. You need to be in good shape and capable of handling basic construction tools and equipment. Sound like a fit? Sign up now!

Donation Pickup

Donation Pickup: You’ll be assisting ReStore employees and volunteers go out into the community and collect donations.  We need both truck drivers and heavy lifters who are good at loading trucks to the maximum without damaging the donations.  You need to be in good shape and familiar with handling a hand truck.  Drivers must pass a background check and have a valid class license.


Greeter: Would you like to meet new people and help them learn about the ReStore? Greeter volunteers meet shoppers and donors and collect basic information about how they heard about ReStore. In addition you can help people find there way to the items they are looking for.

Heavy Lifter

Heavy Lifter: You’ll be assisting ReStore customers with loading heavier items out of the store and to their vehicle.  You need to be in good physical shape and to complete our safety training.

Marketing Committee

ReStore Marketing Committee: Do you have great ideas on how to best reach new shoppers, donors and volunteers?  Join our volunteer marketing team and help us develop and execute marketing plans to achieve ReStores growth targets.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Do you like posting things online? Writing and photography? Social media marketing volunteers create craigslist product postings along with social media stories that fit into the ReStore Marketing Plan tactics and schedule. You need to be familiar with the basics of posting online (Facebook or similar) to get started. Sound like a fun challenge?

Meet the ReStore Manager Mike Glancy

Mike comes from a background in home building and building association management so he knows a little about home improvement, building homes and working with people.

In just over five years since joining ReStore, Mike has more than doubled sales at ReStore and is focused this year on executing the planned floor space expansion.

One of the best part of his experience managing volunteers at ReStore is seeing volunteers make progress.  Several volunteers have made the transition from highly-motivated, key volunteers to being hired as employees in vital operations and management positions.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to work with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and to help make sure their volunteer efforts at ReStore are fun, safe and fulfilling,” says Mike. “We really appreciate the way they make shopping fun for the customers and try to return the favor by rewarding the volunteers with fun events and recognition throughout the year.”

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